Here is what you need to know about getting started at Imperial College London and Kemp Porter Buildings!

Arrivals Period

As part of the safety measures Imperial College has introduced in response to COVID-19, arrivals dates may be disrupted please pay attention to the latest updates and information which will be sent to new arrivals via email.

For more information about booking your arrival slot and self-isolating in halls, please visit Moving into Halls.

Pre-arrivals: checklist

  • Pack a supply of personal face masks. These are now readily available from local supermarkets, but you should ensure you have some for when you arrive at halls.
  • Print and fill out the Kemp Porter arrivals document and bring it with you to the Hall to receive your keys.
  • Register with the Cloister Road Surgery (closest nearby GP) or another GP in the London area when moving in.
  • We strongly encourage all new arrivals get get your arrivals document stamped by your current Doctor’s practice (if you are not registering with the College Health Centre), otherwise you will need to complete the Health Centre Registration Form.
  • Register on eHalls

What to do when you arrive

  • Please only arrive during your pre-booked arrivals slot.
  • You may have up to 1 additional person with you to help you move in.
  • Once you have collected your swipe card and keys you will be directed to your room.

What to do after you are checked-in

After you have moved into your room, you will need to complete a room inventory form that you will be given upon check in. Anything missing at the end of the year that isn’t declared on this form will be charged for.

Make sure to get your devices connected to the halls WiFi and/or wired ethernet connection and install Microsoft Teams app. You will need it for your lectures and many of the halls events and information sessions will be delivered via MS Teams. Check the College guide to using teams for further information.

The direct dial for your room is 020 785 . The number should appear on the telephone in your room. Anyone you give your external number should be able to contact you through it. The UK dialing code is +44, making your international number +44 20 785 . You can call other rooms of friends within the building and across College internally for free; to call an external number is charged through an account you must set up once you arrive if you wish to be able to dial out.

You can use eHalls – Kemp Porter throughout the year to view manage your post/collection, log overnight guest requests and to update your emergency contact details. You will also find links to the Hall Rules you agreed to on registration and lists of your products purchased from the Hall. Products get converted into tickets which you ‘use’ or transfer to others if you’re selling your ticket, or getting a friend to collect on your behalf.

LOTS of information will be available for you on your arrival on facilities, and how to use them. Don’t worry. If you have any queries, please first look at our website, or email if you still are unable to find the answer.

Welcome to Kemp Porter Buildings!