Kemp Porter Hall Rules

These rules compliment and are additional to the University Ordinances that set out acceptable behaviour of students. Breach of these rules constitutes a breach of the Ordinances, and of your Accommodation Licence, and shall be dealt with through the College Disciplinary Procedures.

Kemp Porter Rules

  • I understand that my behaviour will affect my fellow residents, and I will be considerate to their feelings and lifestyles.
  • I will not make excessive noise, which can affect our neighbours or fellow residents. No noise will be audible outside my room or kitchen between the hours of 23:00 and 08:00 in the first two terms of residence, and between the hours of 22:00 and 8:00 in the third term.
  • I will not tamper with, or misuse any fire equipment or the alarm system or prop open fire doors (including kitchen doors). I will take care at all times to prevent accidental activation of the alarms, especially while cooking. I will evacuate the building promptly using the stairs on hearing the alarm (fire assembly point – KP courtyard).
  • I will stay in the kitchen and use the cooker hood provided while cooking to avoid fire alarm activations and I will switch off all appliances after use.
  • I accept that smoking is forbidden in all Imperial College Halls of Residence, including the roof terrace, BBQ area and main hall entrances. Smoke-free policy applies to College land and within 20 metres of College land since 1st August 2017
  • I will treat Hall property, fixtures and fittings, and my fellow residents’ prosperity with respect. I will report any damage at the earliest opportunity, in whatever manner it may have been caused, to the Hall supervisor via email, or Broken window restrictors, leaks, or loss of power must be reported to Concierge immediately.
  • I will use only the noticeboards and/or doodle walls provided for posters, and will not stick anything to doors or walls within the hall (LED lights on tape, sealing tape or double-sided tape, hooks, pins, blu tack, etc. are damaging the walls).
  • I will not throw, or let fall, objects of any kind from the windows. I will not endanger others or myself by any of my actions.
  • I will heed all safety warnings or notices, or enter restricted areas.
  • I will not use, keep or bring illegal drugs into Hall. I accept that breaking this rule will result in referral to College and to the Police. I understand that the College has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and that possession of such drugs may lead to expulsion from the Hall. The College’s Substance Misuse Policy can be found here:
  • I agree to inform my guests of the Hall rules and accept that I am fully responsible for their behaviour whenever they are in or around Hall and that they must leave if requested to do so by a warden or security officer. Guests must be accompanied at all times.
  • I agree to follow the guest policy outlined on the Kemp Porter website:
  • I understand that guests are not able to stay overnight within the first two weeks of residency.
  • I will pay attention to security in Hall and will not allow uninvited strangers or those I do not know into Hall.
  • I will always carry my college ID card and access card in hall, and not lend them to guests.
  • I accept that no rollerblading, ballgames, etc. are permitted in Hall.
  • I accept that no legal highs and drinking games are allowed in Hall.
  • I will keep my room and kitchen areas clean, acknowledging the need for hygiene and tidiness in a shared environment. I will place excess bedroom rubbish in kitchens for the cleaners to collect.
  • I acknowledge that no small kitchen appliances (e.g., rice cookers, kettles etc.) are allowed in bedrooms.
  • I will avoid using gym equipment and installing pull up bars in kitchens and bedrooms.
  • I accept that any of my personal belongings left behind in the communal areas are left at my own risk.

These rules are intended to benefit all residents and to ensure their safety, enjoyment and well-being in Hall. Contravention may result in a monetary fine, community service, expulsion from Hall, or even expulsion from the College.