Image by Brendan Foster, Imperial College London

Collecting Your Post

Post is delivered to Reception, and if it fits, is placed in your postbox Monday-Friday. Reception will normally email students when a package arrives. You will be provided with an individual postbox key on arrivals day and you can find the postbox room opposite reception.

Packages may be collected from Reception, please remember to fill in the parcel collection form.

Kemp Porter Address

The most commonly used address for Kemp Porter Buildings is:

Kemp Porter Buildings, 142 Wales Farm Rd, North Acton, London W3 6EL

However, as Kemp Porter is a large building, some areas of the building fall under different official postcodes and some websites do not accept this postcode with your specific room number. If this is happening to you please use the Royal Mail postcode finder to find the most appropriate postcode to use.