Guest Policy

  • You’re permitted 4 guests in the daytime (up to 11pm) and 2 guests staying overnight. 
  • Guests are not able to stay overnight within the first two weeks of residency.
  • Any daytime guests will need to leave the hall prior to 11pm.
  • All guests must sign-in and out at reception – this is essential for fire and safety records. It is not required to register your guests on eHalls.
  • Overnight guests are only permitted for up to 3 days across any 2-week period. (i.e. if you’ve hosted 2 guests across 3 days, you’ll need to wait until the end of that 2-week period before hosting any more)
  • You must not give your College ID card to any guest. This generally means that you’ll need to accompany your guest whilst they’re in the building.
  • Finally, in the spirit of fostering a positive and harmonious community at KPB, we expect any guests to behave as hall residents do. This means they’ll need to follow our hall rules and expectations. Do remember that your guests are your responsibility; if there are issues, any follow-ups or potential disciplinary action will ultimately stand with you, so do make sure you inform them of our rules before they arrive